Washington State Judge Halts Enforcement of Executive Order Travel Ban

On Friday, a Judge in Washington State issues a nationwide injunction against enforcement of President Trumps Executive Order banning certain immigrants, non-immigrants and refugees from traveling to the United States.  While the Trump administration has said that they will defen the ban in court, steps have been taken to come in compliance with the ruling.  First, the Department of State rescinded its preliminary revocation of all non-immigrant and immigrant visas for those covered by the executive order.  It also allowed all such individuals to board plans and come to the United States.  Officers at airports have also been instructed to allow all such people to enter the United States.  While the Court has yet to rule on the actual order itself and whether it is constitutional and legal, the granting of such a wide injunction does indicate that the Judge feels that the plaintiffs will be successful in their bid to overturn the executive order.  We will update you when more information is known.


Author: Adam Frank, Esquire

I am an immigration attorney with over 20 years of experience. I was graduated from Brandeis University undergrad in 1990 and then spent a year traveling around Central America. In 1991 I began attending the University of Baltimore School of Law and was graduated in 1994. I began working in Immigration Law in 1998 when I joined a small law firm and, in 2000 opened my own firm with my law partner Ed Leavy. Sadly, Ed passed away in 2011. I am still a partner in my own firm with my current partner Brendan Delaney. Our firm is Frank & Delaney Immigration Law, LLC.

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