Visa Bulletin: Further Updates from Mr. Oppenheim

Mr. Oppenheim, the Department of State Officer in charge of the Visa Bulletin has given the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association some addition information about the upcoming August bulletin as well as what the future brings for the Visa numbers.  Below is the text of what was told to AILA from Mr. Oppenheim: FAMILY BASED VISAS

August 2014 Visa Bulletin: Good News and Bad News

The August 2014 Visa Bulletin has been released.  For family based cases, overall things moved forward slightly.  For employment based cases, both China and India saw some forward movement with EB2s and China saw some movement with EB3s as well. For the EB2s, India moved from September 1, 2008 to January 22, 2009 and China

28 Days and Counting

June 2014 Visa Bulletin: Retrogression has landed

Presentations and Self-Sponsored Green Cards: What you need to know

Almost all researchers, be they scientific researcher, social science researchers, or foreign relations researchers, have presented their work at symposia, and other venues.  In terms of the Extraordinary Ability and National Interest Waiver applications, of what help are these presentations?  This greatly depends on the type of presentations and where you presented, as not all

Judge of the Work of Others: What Evidence is needed?

For the National Interest Waiver, the Extraordinary Ability and the Outstanding Researcher applications, evidence that you have judged the work of others in your field or a related field can be extremely helpful.  However, the level of helpfulness of this evidence depends greatly on the type of judging and the kind of evidence submitted to USCIS.

The National Interest Waiver – Within the Reach of Many

The National Interest Waiver application is a self-sponsored application that is a good fit for many, many researchers and others looking to get permanent residence in the US. While many people feel that they need to show they are working for our government or something similar in order to show that their work i s

May 2014 Visa Bulletin: Inching Forward

The May 2014 visa bulletin has been released and in many of the categories there has been little to no movement.  So, without further ado, lets run through the dates: Employment Based: Eb-1 is still current for all. Eb-2 is still current for all except India (which is still at 11/15/2004) and China (which progressed

USCIS Meets H-1B cap – Lottery Will be held

As expected USCIS announced today that it has received sufficient H-1B application to meet the H-1B cap as well as the Master’s Cap.  Therefore USCIS will conduct a lottery later this month to determine which cases will be accepted for the cap, and which will not, and will be returned with their fees.   All

H-1B Extensions and RFEs

Maybe this scenario sounds familiar:  You file for an H-1B for an employee, and get it  approved for them to work for you for 3 years. At the end of the 3 years you file a renewal for your employees H-1B.  Instead of a straight approval this time, however, USICS requests additional evidence as, according to

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