October Visa Bulletin and Check in With the Dept. of State

Because of the new format of the Visa Bulletin, it will be easier for me to break these updates into two sections:  Section 1 will discuss the Final Action Date; and, Section 2 will discuss movements in the Dates for Filing section. Final Action Date Movements: Family Based:  Most categories moved forward somewhere between 1-2

Court of Appeals AC21 Decision helpful to those using AOS Portability

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals recently decided a case, Kurapati v. USCIS in which the Court issued an important decision that helps those who filed an adjustment based upon an approved I-140 that was sponsored by an employer they no longer work for. In most such cases, there is no real issue.  According to

I Know My Employer Sponsored Me, But I Found a New Job, Now What?

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