Possible new H-1B Regulations to Limit H-1Bs

It appears that the current administration will soon have USCIS issue a new regulation regarding H-1Bs.  There are three elements of the new regulation that are the most significant:  1) The regulation will be published as an “interim final rule,” which would allow it to go into effect immediately without public input but also makes

30/60 Day Rule is Removed from FAM, Replaced with 90 Day Rule

Many of you may not be aware of the 30/60 day rule.  The Department of State in its Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) has a section on willful misrepresentations.  Part of this section describes how to determine willful misrepresentations in the case of people who enter the US on a non-immigrant visa but then undertake activities

H-1Bs: What is a Specialty Occupation? (Part 1)

For those seeking an H-1B, the most important criteria that must be met, is that the occupation that they are applying for be a “specialty occupation”.  USCIS has listed four methods of determining if a position is a specialty occupation: A bachelor’s degree or higher degree or its equivalent is normally the minimum requirement for

The Visa Stamp in My Passport Expired, am I in the United States Illegally?

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