I-140 Premium Processing: Good or Bad?

USCIS Indicated Changes to Employment Based Immigration on Regulatory Agenda

With a recent publication in the Federal Register, USCIS has started the process to begin modernizing the employment based immigration system. Unfortunately, they are only at the beginning of the process, and just indicated that modernizing the employment based system was part of their upcoming regulatory agenda. Below is how they state it: The Department

The Visa Stamp in My Passport Expired, am I in the United States Illegally?

New H-4 Work Authorization Rules “Close at Hand”

According to USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez, the new regulations allowing certain H-4 spouses the ability to apply for employment authorization are close at hand.  While we do not know exactly when the new rules will be out, the Director did also state that he was disappointed that they had not already been released.   As

USCIS Changes Position on Nurses and H-1Bs

USCIS just issued a new memo that opens up the possibility for more Nurses to qualify for H-1B status.  The memo, dated July 11, was issued but he Office of Policy and Strategy, Business and Foreign Workers Division, Office of the Director, USCIS. Prior to this memo, USCIS view was that RN positions simply could

28 Days and Counting

Congress only has 28 days left in its latest legislative session.  After that, they take a break for two months, and then, when they come back, the election season is on in full force and there is not much chance of anything of significance passing.  What does this mean for Immigration reform?  It means that

Judge of the Work of Others: What Evidence is needed?

For the National Interest Waiver, the Extraordinary Ability and the Outstanding Researcher applications, evidence that you have judged the work of others in your field or a related field can be extremely helpful.  However, the level of helpfulness of this evidence depends greatly on the type of judging and the kind of evidence submitted to USCIS.

The National Interest Waiver – Within the Reach of Many

The National Interest Waiver application is a self-sponsored application that is a good fit for many, many researchers and others looking to get permanent residence in the US. While many people feel that they need to show they are working for our government or something similar in order to show that their work i s

May 2014 Visa Bulletin: Inching Forward

USCIS Meets H-1B cap – Lottery Will be held

As expected USCIS announced today that it has received sufficient H-1B application to meet the H-1B cap as well as the Master’s Cap.  Therefore USCIS will conduct a lottery later this month to determine which cases will be accepted for the cap, and which will not, and will be returned with their fees.   All