About Me

I have been an attorney since 1994 and focused primarily on immigration law since 1999. In 2001 I began the law firm of Leavy &Frank, LLc with my law partner, Edward Leavy and in 2009, Brendan Delaney was added as a partner and the firm was renamed Leavy, Frank & Delaney, LLC.   In 2010 Edward retired from the practice, and sadly, he passed away in 2013.  We kept his name in the firm to honor him until 2017, at which time we renamed the firm Frank & Delaney Immigration Law, LLC.

Our firm helps individuals, universities, and businesses in all there immigration matters. Our firm website can be accessed by clicking here.  We are very active in the areas of Extraordinary Ability, National Interest Waivers, H-1B’s, O-1’s, P-1’s and Labor Certifications.  We also handle family immigration, naturalizations as well as other affirmative immigration applications.

I was born in New Jersey in 1968, although we quickly moved to Sudbury Massachusetts where I grew up and became a lifelong Red Sox fan.  I moved to Baltimore to attend University of Baltimore School of Law in 1991 and graduated in 1994.  I first began working for the US Federal Court Monitor whose job was to monitor the Baltimore Public schools for compliance with Special Education laws.  However in 1998 I moved into the Immigration area and have been there ever since.  My wife is a ESOL teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools and we live with our Daughter in Maryland.


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